Our Focus

TUNAJALI II focuses on Capacity Building and Health Systems Strengthening of Councils and Civil Society Organizations through staff training, mentoring and coaching.  People, partnerships, cost-efficiency, use of technology and a ferocious drive to deliver timely results are the key driving elements of our program.    
The overall goal is to support the regional and district authorities and institutions to implement an integrated approach designed to promote greater impact of donor funds.  The program focuses in:
 1.      Increasing resources available for services to LGAs/CSOs by using national technical partners.
 2.      Working within the existing systems where they are strong and build their capacity where weak.
 3.      Empowering local communities to demand better access to health care and sustainable results with a focus on girls and women.
 4.   Using innovative approaches and technology to enhance program efficiency and reduce program costs.
Expected results:
The methodology that we use is designed to realise five key results:
 1: Improved leadership and management capacity of Local Government Authorities (LGAs) for quality HIV services delivery;
 2: Improved capacity of CSOs for HIV and AIDS service delivery;
 3: Increased revenues and resources available for integrated HIV and AIDS care;
 4: Improved access to quality, integrated and comprehensive HIV care and treatment services; and
 5: Improved woman & girl child responsive HIV treatment, Care and Support.