Why Should I Be Tested?

Testing is recommended if:

·         You think you may have been exposed to the HIV. If you're not sure, take this

·         You are sexually active (3 or more sexual partners in the last 12 months)

·         You are uncertain about your sexual partner's risk behaviors.

·         You are a male who has had sex with another male.

·         Any of your male sexual partners has had sex with another male.

·         You have used street drugs by injection, especially when sharing needles and/or other equipment.

·         You have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

·         You are a health care worker with direct exposure to blood on the job.

·         You are pregnant. There are now treatments that can greatly reduce the risk that a pregnant woman who has HIV will give the virus to her baby.

·         You are a woman who wants to make sure you are not infected with HIV before getting pregnant.

·         Even if you have no risk factors for HIV infection, you may still want to get tested to ease your own mind. This also encourages everyone to be more responsible about HIV transmission.