How should an HIV positive person access ART?

Clinical and non-clinical eligibility criteria will be used to evaluate if HIV patients should be on ART. HIV patients will initially be evaluated at their nearest health centers. Those who have signs and symptoms of WHO Stage III or AIDS defining illnesses will be referred to Care and Treatment Centres for further evaluation and treatment. Other points of referral for ART services include TB clinics, hospital outpatients and inpatients, antenatal care (ANC) and the Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) center. Once the patients are examined by the ART physicians, hospital level quota, priority for vulnerable groups and the readiness of the patients will be taken into account before ART is started. If a clinically eligible patient is not started on ART as a result of not meeting any of the above non-clinical criteria, the patient will be put on a waiting list for ART and will be continually monitored and treated for other Opportunistic Infections. Patients on ART waiting list must be able to see their providers at any time they feel there is need for evaluation.