Thousands of disadvantaged people join CHF

TUNAJALI, in collaboration with the authorities in Njombe Region, has enabled 10,800 disadvantaged people to join the Community Health Fund (CHF) in the region. Giving feedback on a fundraising campaign aimed at enabling orphans, vulnerable children and the elderly in Njombe Region join CHF, the Regional Programme Manager, Mr. Melkiard Francisco, said 9,555 of the beneficiaries were orphans and vulnerable children, while 1,245 were elderly people who were destitute. The fundraising is part of theTUNAJALI-led campaign “Jali Afya Yako Jiunge na CHF Leo,” (meaning Take Care of Your Health Join CHF Today) that aims to improve the health of Njombe residents, particularly the PLHIV, by enabling them to join CHF and open the door to quality but affordable healthcare. "Knowing that some of the Njombe residents, especially the elderly and disadvantaged children, can’t afford to join the scheme, we saw the need to finance these specific groups and enable them to join CHF. This will make it possible for them to access quality and sustainable healthcare at an affordable cost, hence the fundraising idea," said Mr. Francisco. The campaign, led by the Njombe Regional Commissioner, Captain (retired) Aseri Msangi, has raised 11,050,000/-. Mr. Francisco said children who qualify for support were those orphaned by AIDS, those heading households, those living with elderly or disabled parents and those who have lost both parents and have no relatives to take care of them. The elderly are those who do not have any assistance and those who are in poor health but have no one to take care of them. Captain Msangi said after receiving the report: "Since health insurance lasts for only one year, it is my hope that councils will continue the good work initiated by TUNAJALI to enable these people to join CHF."